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Dongguan Lianzhen Optoelectronics Tech Co., Ltd.

LED panel lights, LED troffers, LED vapor tight lights, LED linear batten, T8 LED tubes, UFO LED high bays and alumin...

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    No 2, Lizhiyuan Industrial 2nd Rd., Luwu, Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Lianzhen Optoelectronics manufactures interior LED luminaires for commercial and industrial applications. The company was founded in 2007 as a manufacturer of luminaire parts including PC covers, plastic tube diffusers, aluminum extrusions, troffer housings, T5/T8/T10 end caps, and a range of metal and plastic components and accessories within the company's diversified engineering capabilities. Lianzhen accumulated a unique wealth of experience and expertise in developing luminaire parts and SKD kits. Over the years, Lianzhen has evolved from a parts manufacturer to a complete lighting system provider that specializes in providing a complete turnkey OEM solution for customers who're looking for value engineered, economically sensible LED products.

The diverse range of Lianzhen's products include LED panel lights, LED troffers, LED vapor tight lights, LED linear batten, T8 LED tubes, UFO LED high bays and aluminum profiles. Its product strength obviously roots in the company's in-house manufacturing capability of aluminum and plastic parts. The most lighting manufacturers in the LED industry are lighting assemblers who outsource all major components. With Lianzhen Optoelectronics, the multi-level markups that are prevalent in the lighting industry are eliminated, bringing customers a better ROI. By leveraging its in-house engineering capabilities, Lianzhen can provide flexible customization services to meet the challenges and demands of each unique project.

Lianzhen's in-house mechanical and plastic engineering capabilities combined with a dynamic, cross-trained manufacturing team deliver a level of precision assembly, cost optimization and quality management that is exceptional in the lighting industry. The company's suite of competencies not only lie in its contract manufacturing capabilities, but its conscious mindset and unwavering emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. While maintaining a rigorous internal quality management systems, Lianzhen carries some of the world's most trustworthy product certifications and approvals including UL, TUV, FCC, DLC, CE, REACH, and RoHS to address the global market entry requirements.
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